Some Bright and Cheerful festivals of the world

All the greatest festivals of the world connote one big thing and that is “light”. Light that one has within the self has to be brought out to the surface so that all the evil dies. We light up countless candles and lights not only on Diwali but on all festivals because we should not live in darkness. Interestingly, you can now buy Diwali gifts online to get some nice candles and lights delivered to your homes.


Now let’s take a look at some of the blazing festivals of the world.

The great November celebration of England–If you happen to be in England in the month of November, you would experience an Indian Diwali in the skies of England. On 5th November Guy Fawkes effigy is burned because of his failure in the Gunpowder Plot incident. After the burning of effigy, wide array of fireworks are witnessed. You would notice some of the best fireworks in the following places.

  • Tar Barrels, St. Mary – This is an ancient tradition where men, women and children run through the streets with barrels filled with tar on their heads. Sounds weird and interesting – huh!
  • You would notice 17 burning crosses and other fireworks if you are in Lewes, Sussex.
  • Themed fireworks and bonfire are held in the coast region between Whitby and Saltburn.

Amazing New Year’s Parties in Dubai – If you haven’t been in Dubai, you should plan a trip to Dubai for spending the New Year’s Eve and witness the blazing scene there. Every year this place breaks its own record of footfalls. People from many places gather here to see the madness of celebrating a new year. The notable places to visit here are as follows:

  • Downtown region of Dubai – You would witness the World’s most advanced pyrotechnics and LED-emitting technology. The Strobe-light effects, pour of stars, and volcanic waves of lights are common features here.
  • Palm Jumeriah – You have to book a yacht here to take the water transport and roam through the water bodies or Dubai creeks to see the blazing fireworks in action. It would be a lifetime experience and definitely you would remember the Diwali nights of India.
  • BurjKhalifa from various angles – If you can manage yourself a space in this tallest building of the world, you are at the best angle to witness the fireworks in motion. The height serves as a blessing here.


Breath-taking National Day festival of Singapore – 9th August is the National Day of Singapore and it would give competition to our Diwali any day. The magnum opus light festival here on this day is something that would make you crazy as it is believed to be one of the most spectacular views of the world. You have to hop on to these following places.

  • Marina Bay Sands Waterfront Boardwalk – This is the heartland of National Day celebration and you just can’t afford to miss this location.
  • The Helix Bridge – This is a special location as it connects Marina Bay to Marina Centre and thus you get the best view of the fireworks.

Visit some of these places with your loved ones and this would be the best Diwali gift that you can shower on them.