5 Signs Of A Good Online Store

Good Online StoreNow, many are buying from online stores – it’s fast and convenient. In the online stores and prices are often lower than in the local retail trade, and items are those that are not so easy to find. But buying is often scared from the online store: pay it is necessary now and no one knows when the goods come. And if it all go?

We, as the owners of an online store, a good knowledge of the internal kitchen. And we decided to make for you a list of 8 signs of a good and reliable online store that you can buy online without fear. The more of these features you will find at the store, which are going to go shopping – so it is safer and better.

1. The site has contact and registration details Seller

Example of contact information

The first thing you should look at the website – contact information. This phone, e-mail, the name of the legal entity and its details. Details of the legal entity are those strange abbreviations like INN, KPP, BIN, and bank details. Understand you have no need – if such a page on the website is, it’s good.

Sometimes scammers write the name of the LLC or IP, BIN, and this company does not exist at all. It’s easy to check on the. On this page you can enter the name of the organization or the BIN and find out there is such an organization or not.

2. Managers online store open to dialogue

A good feature is the openness to dialogue managers. Phone communication is written large and in a prominent place, there are groups in social networks, where you can find profiles of managers and contact them.

Well, if the site has an online consultant – a small window where you cannot go to the site to communicate with the store employee.

The rate of responses to email also says the interest of managers to work with you fashion website. If the company is serious, that the letters should come prompt and courteous responses. If you do not receive a reply to the letter within a week, then you can think about it, and when you send the goods if and to the letter cannot answer.

3. The site looks nice and works without any serious errors

Pay anyway Requirements website online store

Website for online shop – it’s his face, office and billboard. If it is made ugly – it is an occasion to reflect on the fact that this store is not so. You do not buy food in the shops of dubious in slums? The site should be beautiful, stable and clear.

Also usually it is worth considering if the entire site consists of a single page, which is very strongly encourages you to buy right now, not thinking about the purchase. Often there is a countdown timer, promises discounts of 50% only in the next three hours or so on.

The actions themselves with a clear completion date is not bad, but it is usually the timer should expire, and share – end. Go to this website from another browser – and you will see that the countdown has begun again. All this should make you suspicious – most likely you are trying to cheat. The price, delivery dates or some other nuances – it is found out in the process.

4. The phone works on the site, you understand and speak politely

Now it’s time to see how you talk shop managers. Call on the site and ask any simple question women apparel. Ask how quickly they send an order, how much it will cost the shipping or anything else. It does not matter that the information is already on the site. Important for you to hear it, as you will be responsible.

Answers should be simple, understandable, and you must answer politely. If the manager is confused, he says it is not clear, and is trying to end the conversation quickly – it is a minus, and says about the quality of service.

5. Reviews

It is necessary to look for reviews on the online store. They can be online or in groups in social networks – no matter where, somewhere, they just are. Good or bad Online Store- not so important. Keep in mind that reviews are usually left dissatisfied customers – if all is well, the man just too lazy to post a review.

Tacit approval – this is normal, and the bad reviews can tell you about the store and good, especially if managers react to them adequately.

Sometimes sites publish obviously fake reviews – they are very easy to distinguish from the real thing, it is sufficient to consider whether you yourself would have left a tip. If not – most likely a fake review.